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Applications for the Boost Your Business Technology grant are currently closed

Due to a high volume of interest, the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Boost Your Business Technology grant is fully subscribed and is no longer accepting new applications.

If you have a valid CDAP grant agreement, you can continue to work with us and submit your claim for reimbursement once your Digital Plan is complete. Be sure to check when your agreement expires and submit your claim before that date to remain eligible for the grant.

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ERP/CRM Integration

Imagine you're a race car driver in a high-speed competition. Just like a race car needs a skilled pit crew to fine-tune its performance, your business needs the right systems to stay ahead in the fast-paced market.

That's where Software Implementation comes in, with three key components: ERP, CRM, and HRIS.

For a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), these systems can be transformative. They save costs, increase efficiency, and improve services.

But, implementing them can be daunting. That’s where our expertise comes in. 

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  Software Selection 

How was your last software system was chosen? Was it a friend's suggestion, an eye-catching ad, or just going with what's popular?

Choosing software for your business can be like searching for the right book in a vast library. You might end up reading several that don't quite fit your needs before finding the right one, or worse, give up entirely.

In just 1 to 4 weeks, we can help you avoid these pitfalls, ensuring you select the software that's just right for your business. So, why wander in the library of options when you can be guided straight to the book that you need?"
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Train Your Employees

How often do you train your employees?

Consider this: it takes only one misguided click on a malicious email to compromise your entire business.

In today’s digital era, where cybersecurity threats loom large and data management is critical, nurturing digital talent within your organization is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity.

Our track record speaks for itself. We've trained thousands of employees across numerous SMEs, equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in today's digital environment. Partnering with us means investing in your most valuable asset – your people. It's about ensuring they are as prepared and capable as the technology they use, driving your business towards greater efficiency, security, and success.
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Other Interesting Services We Have for SMEs

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Data Analytics

Imagine driving in heavy rain with worn-out windshield wipers. You can see the road, but not clearly enough to make safe or quick decisions. Similarly, running a business without clear insights from your data is like navigating through that storm. You might be moving forward, but you're not optimally positioned to avoid pitfalls or seize opportunities.

Our service transforms this scenario. We step in and act like a brand-new set of high-performance wipers, bringing clarity to your journey. We take your existing data – often messy and unorganized – and turn it into crystal-clear dashboards. These dashboards are not just visually appealing; they are powerful tools, offering real-time insights into critical aspects of your business.

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Digital Strategy and Roadmap

Digital Strategy and Roadmap isn't about a simple software upgrade like switching to a new ERP system. It's about rethinking your entire business model in the digital age. Should your sales be confined to a physical store, or is it time to explore online markets? Is it more viable to produce goods in anticipation of demand, or switch to a made-to-order model?

Our service doesn't just sketch a route; it equips you with the means to scout the terrain ahead, understand the undercurrents, and navigate the uncertainties of the digital world. It ensures that every technological step you take is in sync with your overall business goals, turning digital potential into real-world success and longevity.

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Getting a Second Opinion About Your Processes

Process Optimization is like having a clear, step-by-step manual for efficiently running your business operations. In today's fast-paced environment, SMEs need to be agile and adaptable to change. Without streamlined processes, this adaptability is hindered, much like trying to assemble furniture without instructions.

In your business, if only one person knows how to "assemble the table," that's a risk. What happens if that person is unavailable? Our service provides a crucial second pair of eyes. We collaborate with SMEs to review and refine their processes, ensuring they're not just effective but also clearly documented and easily understandable by the entire team.

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Value-Based Pricing For SMEs

With totally transparent, flexible pricing tailored to whatever you need - our prices make the perfect fit!

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Whether you're looking for a tech upgrade or an innovative platform, we got you covered. 
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